Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Making love is an integral part of a love relationship. A couple expresses their feelings towards each other when they make love with each other. These are some very memorable moments for the couple, which they enjoy and cherish. It strengthens the bond between the couple and in situations brings utmost satisfaction to the couple. However, as time passes, the monotonous routine might kill the interest and enjoyment of this action. To keep this alive, resort to some of the sex tips given below. In today’s blog we would discuss how to make sex life interesting and get rid of the monotony in your bedroom to get the utmost pleasure and satisfaction.


Chocolate massage, oil massage, ice cubes massage, etc. Any of these will stimulate or excite your partner. It is the right way of getting him/her in the right mood.


A candle light ambience with scented candles will definitely bring him/her in the right mood. After a hectic day at work, a beautiful ambience is must for him/ her to be charged enough to make love with you.

Tie and Surprise:

Tie up your partner’s hands and legs. A small strip tease will make him /her go totally wild. While you tie him/her you get the right to do what you want and not allow him/her to touch you. This raises the excitement and gets him/her in a very wild mood.

Why Men first?

It is not necessary that the guy expresses first. You can also make him feel that your body needs him. Show how wild you can get or how passionate you are. Guys love their girls getting wild for them.


Besides bedroom, another interesting place to make love is your shower. Take a shower together. Just sneak in the bathroom while he/she is taking a shower and get cozy with him/her.

Sex can be fun fro all your life provided you keep the fun alive. The sex tips will help you do this if you are not good at it.There are so many article on sex tips. I would like to suggest you these Articles by Paul for more information.